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Founded by an art and design collective mostly based in Berlin, Germany, NO SEX AND THE CITY produces graphic apparel, art and accessories that combines our passion for passion with a tongue and cheek look at modern day city life. We use a minimal approach where text and images are extremely witty, doubled-edged, having multiply meanings depending on the context and life situation of the wearer. Even if you’re partying too much in Berlin, or not making it in old New York, New York, our unique and lol designs have changed the algorithm acting as the perfect conversation starter for any city slicker, making you the Aubrey Plaza or Oscar Wilde on the city streets and at all social events.

Whether you’re single, taken or it’s complicated, there are no strangers at NO SEX AND THE CITY, just new friends and potential lovers you haven’t slept with yet.

NO SEX AND THE CITY – Helping people make love, since 2018 ♥